Navteq maps that guide and speak with the voice of each region

The company Navteq made its launch, presenting its most updated collection of maps of cities, routes and roads and how to get around them, either in vehicles or as pedestrians.

The maps include the most advanced technology to simplify the displacements and with voices that speak with the accent and regional meanings, even showing in 3D buildings, monuments and other features of the most important cities.

A consumer survey conducted by Navteq shows that the accuracy of orientation and reliability of the device are some of the functions that consumers consider most important when they buy a navigation device. Due to its commitment to verification, Navteq customers are prepared to meet the growing demand for a quality navigation experience.

This research also reveals that the most common searches for points of interest (POI) belong to one of these three groups: entertainment, consumer products and emergencies. In this sense, Navteq offers 57 categories of PDI, which include restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies and many more. As part of the map construction process, the location of the POIs is decoded or linked to the Navteq map, to give additional support to a quality orientation experience.

"Users need to trust that the navigation solution will provide them with an accurate route to the PDI. For more info one can also contact navteq support number

Navteq map is best because of following reasons

• The Navteq map has surveyed more than 319,000 covered kilometers. An increase of 200% in the course of the last two years in the number of streets and roads verified on the map. No other map provider has a verified major coverage. More than 75,000 points of interest (POI).

• When Navteq began to travel the roads, more than two decades ago, geographic analysts used paper and pencil maps to mark changes in the road network. Today, he continues to lead the industry by deploying innovative software and collection tools in order to make data collection more efficient and accurate.

• These specialized tools include GPS receiver logs, custom levers, digital pens, microphones for the creation of audio files and multi-view video cameras that allows future process improvements.

• In addition, patented software with controls and balances is used to guarantee the accuracy of the cartographic data.

• Navteq maps are found in almost 175 million devices with navigation capability worldwide.

• More than 24 million navigation systems for vehicles around the world use Navteq maps.

• The first navigation system in vehicles has data from Navteq maps.

• More than 45 million GPS devices worldwide use Navteq maps.

• More than 78% of the GPS brands today work with Navteq.

• More than 105 million cell phones with turn-by-turn navigation applications in the world have Navteq maps.

Navteq works with hundreds of geographic analysts who use specially equipped field vehicles and their local knowledge to collect and verify road details in their cities. These teams collect and verify 200 road attributes, including streets, roundabouts, speed limits, dividers, number of lanes and turn restrictions.

Up to now the digital maps come in high-end vehicles, but more and more brands are already installing them in the assembly phase of the vehicles and it is said that it will be a decisive factor when deciding the purchases of a new car.